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Business Plan

The Polyfen Group LLC
Est. 2018

1. Overview

We explore new ways of using tech in creative projects

The Polyfen Group LLC is a fully-remote, US based company parent to multiple brands in the creative and software engineering industries.

The most significant brand we operate is Polyfen. A fully-remote creative & software boutique offering design, marketing, and engineering services for US businesses.

The company was founded on March 23rd, 2018 by Boris Hrnčić —Argentinian-Croatian, art director & product designer— with the support of colleagues sharing the same passion for building something that we can be proud of.

The stock is 100% independently owned by the team with no dependency on investors or any other kind of external funding.

Our location-independent business model takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology to work seamlessly with a fully-remote team years before the Covid pandemic made it the new normal.

We are a certificed LLC registered in the state of Delaware, USA and we offer our clients solutions in the same market as US based competitors at a fraction of their costs.

2. Purpose

Why do we exist?

To offer each team-member their dream job

We believe that focusing on developing a team culture that we can be proud of provides the ideal environment to grow, innovate, and push the boundries of what we can do.

3. Core values

Our Core values are the "How" in Simon Sinek's Golden Circle. They are the medium through which we translate our Purpose into amazing products and services.

3.1. Education

Excellence through R&D

As a forward-thinking company we explore the latest techologies and nurture professional growth through internal Research & Development projects, like Poly Qwerty and Polykit. That way, our clients count with the advantage of our top-tier talent to beat the competition and never be left behind in an always moving market.

3.2. Collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work

Together we can achieve much more than we ever could alone. We are heavily commited to providing our team with all the tools, resources, and support to maintain a healthy and thriving work environment.

3.3. Flexibility

Fully-remote since 2018

We can't compete with the comp packages of big tech companies. But where we can compete and win, is in flexibility. That allows us to have the best talent in the world at a sustainable cost.

Found the perfect surf break in some remote paradise? Having a stable job shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice doing what makes you happy, wherever that may be.

3.4. Transparency

Transparency is in our DNA

Our Business Plan and Team Wiki are just some of our documentation that is publically available. We also contribute to the open-source software community with public code repositories in Github. We believe that the world of business could learn a lot from the practices and culture of the open-source community. Sharing our work allows us to:

  • Reach more people with through content marketing.
  • Make accessible educational resources for free to students starting out in a new career as well as well-stablished professionals looking to grow.
  • Gain the interest of potential clients and talent.
  • Document, standardize, and optimize our workflows.
  • Give our team-members an accessible framework to provide feedback, share ideas, and have more participation in the direction of our team culture.

We don't perceive the idea of anyone "copying" us as a threat, because we value the innovative potential of our team miles ahead of any individual idea that we might've had and shared.

Wired's documentary of Shenzen, China, the hardware capital of the world shines a light on the philosophy that if somebody tries to copy your work and ends up doing better, it's because your results where lacking and the market recognized the value of a more capable competitor.

4. Family of Brands

Our Family of Brands answers to the "What?" in Simon Sinek's equation. An array of products, services, and other ventures all leveraging the marketing synergy and resources of The Polyfen Group as a parent brand.

What sets our business model a part is the possibility to explore and pivot into new technologies and niches as the market demands, as well as fostering an innovative and passion-driven culture within our company.

A good start-up should have the potential for great scale built into its first design.
Peter Thiel — Zero to One

Polyfen screenshot


Creative & software boutique empowering US businesses with design, marketing, and engineering services since 2018.


Polyatlas screenshot

Open-source step-by-step guide to the Branding process, including practical tips, case studies, template files, and many other useful resources.


Polycookies screenshot

Open-source solution to privacy policy implementing a cookie consent banner with Google Tag Manager.


Polyqwerty screenshot

Your keyboard's assistant. Click on a character to copy it. Easily find the right emoji, punctuation signs, and other symbols.


Polikit screenshot

// Work in Progress //

Open-source design system for User Interfaces with CSS code for developers and Figma library for designers.


Poliforum screenshot

// Work in Progress //



Polipress screenshot

// Work in Progress //


5. Services

These are the Services we offer through our primary brand Polyfen, a creative and software boutique.

5.1. Build

Brand Identity

2-6 weeks
Learn more
  • Brand audit
  • Market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual Discovery
  • Typography selection
  • Color scheme
  • Logo system
  • Iconography selection
  • Illustrations selection
  • Social media profiles
  • Brand guidelines

Institutional Website

3-6 weeks
Learn more
  • SEO audit
  • UX audit
  • Info architecture
  • UX writing
  • UI styleguide
  • UI design
  • Accessibility checklist
  • Programming
  • W3C & WACCAG Conformity
  • GDPR & Privacy Protection Compliance
  • QA
  • Deployment
  • Walkthrough

Web/Mobile App

4-6 months
Learn more
  • Discovery Phase
    • Initial consultation
    • Requirement gathering
    • User stories/Use case development
    • Project kickoff meeting
  • Design Phase
    • Wireframing
    • User interface (UI) design
    • User experience (UX) design
    • Prototyping
    • Iterative design reviews
  • Development Phase
    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    • Database design and development
    • Integration of third-party APIs
    • Continuous integration/Continuous deployment (CI/CD) setup
  • Testing Phase
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
    • User acceptance testing (UAT)
    • Bug fixing and issue resolution
  • Deployment Phase
    • Deployment planning
    • Server setup and configuration
    • App deployment to production environment
    • Post-deployment testing

5.2. Hire

Sr UX Designer


Sr Software Engineer


Sr Scrum Master


6. Value Proposition

7.1. Low cost, high value

Our cost-efficient, fully-remote business model offers services from top-tier professionals around the world at a small fraction of the price from our competitors in the US.

7.2. Wealth of experience

Founder & Art Director Boris Hrnčić brings to the table 10+ years of experience in design, development, and marketing. Vetted in the top 3% of designers worldwide by Toptal in 2017. Led high-performing teams for small start-ups and big enterprises in Croatia, Argentina, and the US.

7.3. High-performance

We rely on a healthy cadeance of communication and Scrum practices with efficiently ran Sprint plannings and retros to ensure growth on a weekly cycle.

7.4. End-to-end service

We've got you covered next time you encounter any new requirements in the area of business development, marketing, design, or tech. Our growing list of satisfied customers is testimony that we go above and beyond to help your business grow and to develop a long-lasting and solid partnership.

7.5. Fast-track kick-off

Our standardized and automated workflows ensure that no time is wasted. Send us an enquiry and we'll promptly engage in understanding your requirements, proposing a solution detailed in a comprehensive agreement, and prepare for a prompt project kick-off.

7.6. Socially-cohesive team

This very same Business Plan being in existence and easily accessible along with our Team Wiki all work together as tools to (A) qualify the cultural fit of potential candidates, (B) have a swift and succesful onboarding of new hires, (C) define a common language to nurture collaboration and promote feedback and new ideas.

7.7. Near-shore availability

The market of remote services for US clients is very competitive. The same technology that allows our business to operate remotely and sell services to US clients is the same toolset that allows other remote businesses from lower-cost countries to compete with us. However, we bring a near-shore service in US timezone with most of our talent being based in Latin America, specifically Argentina, with senior-level engineers up to date with the most adavanced industry standards.

7. Buyer Personas

Buyer Persona No.1
Founder Frank
Occupation Founder & CEO at Early-Stage Tech Startup
Location San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Company Size 12 employees

Frank has an Ivy League education and has 15+ years of experience in business. He was leading a business development team at Accenture, working on projects for Bank of America until, during the uncertain time of the Covid pandemic, he decided to make use of his gathered professional experience to start a venture of his own. He bootstrapped his initial efforts investing money from his own pocket into building an MVP of a fintech app with the aid of a couple of close colleagues. He came up with a name for the company himself, posted a job on Upwork to get a quick logo done by a cheap designer, and he built the website himself on Squarespace. Lastly, they put together a pitch deck and confirmed funding from an investor.

Company Profile

Recently received Seed funding to scale their working MVP into a high-revenue business.


A. High costs of US talent
B. Competing with other brands for market-share
C. Complexity of design-development integration


A. Near-shore outsourcing/staff augmentation
B. Brand identity design
C. Hiring leading-edge talent experienced in the latest tech and best practices of design-development integration

Definition of Success

A. Affordable design and development costs
B. High conversion rate
C. Quick time to market

Brands they follow

Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Inc., Ted Talks, Ideo, Deloitte, Accenture, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch.


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