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Business Plan

The Polyfen Group LLC
Est. 2018

1. Overview

The Polyfen Group LLC is a business parent to multiple brands related to software development and the creative industry.

We explore new ways of using tech in creative projects.

The company was founded in 2018 by Boris Hrnčić —Argentinian-Croatian, art director and product designer— with the support of colleagues sharing the same passion for building something we can be proud of.

The stock is 100% independently owned by the team with no dependency on investors or any other kind of external funding.

Our location-independent business model takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology to work seamlessly with a fully-remote team years before the Covid pandemic made it the new normal.

2. Purpose

The Polyfen Group exists because we wanted to create a company that aims to offer each team-member their dream job.

We believe that focusing on developing a team culture that we can be proud of provides the ideal environment to grow, innovate, and push the boundries of what we can do.

3. Values

3.1. Education

Innovation through R&D. As a forward-thinking company we explore the latest techologies through internal Research & Development projects. That way, our clients count with the advantage of our expert know-how to beat the competition and never be left behind in an always moving market.

3.2. Collaboration

Teamwork makes the deam work. Together we can achieve much more than isolated by ourselves.

3.3. Flexibility

Fully Remote since 2018. We know that we can't compete with the comp packages of big tech companies. But where we can compete and win, is in flexibility. That allows us to have the best talent in the world at a sustainable cost.

3.4. Transparency

Transparency is in our DNA. Our Business Plan and Team Wiki are just some of the internal documentation that is publically available. We also contribute to the open-source community with public code repositories in Github.

4. Mantra

Create. Collaborate. Shine.

5. Family of Brands

5.1. Polyfen

Creative agency offering design, marketing, and software development services for new and emerging businesses.


5.2. Poly Atlas

Open-source step-by-step guide to the Branding process, including practical tips, case studies, template files, and many other useful resources.


5.3. Poly Cookies

Open-source solution to privacy policy implementing a cookie consent banner with Google Tag Manager.


5.4. Poly Qwerty

Your keyboard's assistant. Click on a character to copy it.


5.5. Polykit

// Work in Progress //

Open-source design system for User Interfaces with CSS code for developers and Figma library for designers.


5.6. Polypress

// Work in Progress //

Wordpress theme featuring out design system Polykit. Built for easy maintenance and scalibility with Elementor's page builder.


5.7. Poly Forum

// Work in Progress //

Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting free and open education and professional growth in the creative industry.


6. Services

6.1. End-to-End Projects

Brand Revamp

2-3 weeks

Web Revamp

3-6 weeks

6.2. Hourly Services


Net-14 Billing

7. Differential

7.1. Cost-efficient

Our cost-efficient, fully-remote business model offers services from top-tier professionals around the world at a small fraction of the price from our competitors in the US.

7.2. Owner-managed

Our agency is independently owned and our owners are involved from start to finish in all the projects we perform ensuring the best results for every client.

8. Target

Buyer Persona No.1
End-to-End Project
Pseudonym Founder Frank
Occupation Founder & CEO at Business Management Consultancy
Location San Francisco, California
Company Size 8 employees
Brands they follow

Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Inc., Ted Talks, Ideo, Deloitte, Accenture, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur.


Frank has an Ivy League education on business, and he counts with 15+ years of experience in business. He was leading a business development team at Accenture, working on projects for Nike until, during the uncertain time of the Covid pandemic, he decided to make use of his gathered professional experience to start a venture of his own. He bootstraped his initial efforts investing money from his own pocket into his business project. He came up with a name for his company himself, he registered the webdomain of the company himself, he posted a job on Upwork to get a quick logo done by a cheap designer, and he created his business' website himself on Wix. He reached out to a few close, like-minded, experienced colleagues with whom he has worked previously on other business and offered them to be a part of the team he's leading. After a couple of months of launching his business, he closed a long-term contract for continuous consulting services for a large corporation. This allowed him to expand his team hiring an executive assistant and formalize other aspects of his business like bookkeeping so he doesn't have to take care of everything completely by himself. Now that the business has some dough and a couple of regular clients he wants to scale his operation to take in new, bigger clients to really make a difference in the income the consulting firm generates. However, as a savvy business person, he realizes that the quick logo that he got done for cheap and the Wix website he created himself do not express the level of professionalism he's hoping to communicate to potential clients.


He is the Founder & CEO of an emerging company in the Business Consulting sector but their Brand Identity doesn’t reflect the high quality of their services.


[End-to-End Project] Finding a reliable team of experts who can translate his vision for the business into a compelling brand identity and a website with user experience that delivers a good, professional, trustworthy impression to prospects and interests them in becoming paying clients.

How will they measure success?

Having an increase in the number of meetings scheduled with leads every month.

Buyer Persona No.2
Executive Consulting
Pseudonym Corporate Catherine
Occupation CMO at Fintech App
Location Houston, Texas
Company Size 65 employees
Brands they follow



Catherine has a background in marketing with a strong focus on closing new clients and upselling existing ones through social media, PR, and email marketing campaigns. In previous jobs, she helped startups get out the door and make the most use of their funding to establish themselves in the market and fulfill their expected ROI. Three years ago, the head of HR of a young fintech startup reached out to her, offering the role of CMO. Since then, she succesfully put new marketing strategies into action that showed significantly positive ROI results with an exponential increase in registrations of new users. However, most of the in-house staff at the company are heavily oriented in developing new features for the product, and she realizes that the visual identity of the brand has suffered from neglect at the hand of a creative team that is strong in UX, but not in branding and visual design. The logo of the app is OK, but it's not great. The UI has inconsistencies in the use of color and typography, and the set of illustrations they use looks too generic. With the number of sign-ups and retention recently stalling, she proposed to the C-level to refresh their brand with a more eye-pleasing visual identity to make the app more attractive over its competitors and show a more promising value for its price. However, her team is not particularly strong in branding; plus, they could use a fresh set of eyes.




[Hourly Services for Executive Consulting]

How will they measure success?

Increase in the number of monthly sign-ups and lower churn rate.

Buyer Persona No.3
Staff Augmentation
Pseudonym Director Dave
Occupation Managing Director at Marketing Agency
Location Miami, Florida
Company Size 24 employees
Brands they follow



Dave is a self-made man. He didn't went to a top college, but he still committed himself fully to his professional career burning the midnight oil to get new clients for a marketing agency where he had a junior sales rep role. He climbed up the corporate ladder being head-hunted for better and better positions. He developed wonderful relationships with loyal clients and made himself a name in the industry. One year ago, the founder and CEO of new marketing agency he used to work with as a client offered him a steady position at the company being his right-hand man in keeping the revenue growing.


The inhouse team already has a heavy workload and the C-level wants to keep growing the revenue with new clients but they don't want to hire a bunch of new employees and have to deal with the management and budgeting risks that come with scaling the business.


[Hourly Services for Staff Augmentation]

How will they measure success?

Customers commenting to accounts executives that they are very satisfied with their results and want to continue working with the Marketing Agency.