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Brand Guidelines

The Polyfen Group LLC
Est. 2018

1. Download Assets

Assets Map

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2. Market Research

2.1. Business Overview

We explore new ways of using tech in creative projects

The Polyfen Group LLC is a fully-remote, US based company parent to multiple brands in the creative and software engineering industries.

The most significant brand we operate is Polyfen. A fully-remote creative & software boutique offering design, marketing, and engineering services for US businesses.

Further information about the business can be found in our Business plan.

2.2. Industry Analysis

2.3. Target Analysis

Buyer Persona No.1
Founder Frank
Occupation Founder & CEO at Early-Stage Tech Startup
Location San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Company Size 12 employees

Frank has an Ivy League education and has 15+ years of experience in business. He was leading a business development team at Accenture, working on projects for Bank of America until, during the uncertain time of the Covid pandemic, he decided to make use of his gathered professional experience to start a venture of his own. He bootstrapped his initial efforts investing money from his own pocket into building an MVP of a fintech app with the aid of a couple of close colleagues. He came up with a name for the company himself, posted a job on Upwork to get a quick logo done by a cheap designer, and he built the website himself on Squarespace. Lastly, they put together a pitch deck and confirmed funding from an investor.

Company Profile

Recently received Seed funding to scale their working MVP into a high-revenue business.


A. High costs of US talent
B. Competing with other brands for market-share
C. Complexity of design-development integration


A. Near-shore outsourcing/staff augmentation
B. Brand identity design
C. Hiring leading-edge talent experienced in the latest tech and best practices of design-development integration

Definition of Success

A. Affordable design and development costs
B. High conversion rate
C. Quick time to market

Brands they follow

Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Inc., Ted Talks, Ideo, Deloitte, Accenture, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch.


#Startups #TechStartups #Entrepreneurship #StartupCulture #Founders #FoundersLife #Funding #Scaling #Innovation #Growth #Strategy #GrowthHacking

3. Brand Strategy

3.1. Keywords

  • Radical
  • Creative
  • Playful
  • Innovative
  • User-friendly
  • Clean
  • Distinctive
  • Business-oriented

3.2. Creative Concept

Where business & creativity come together

Similar to the Keywords, but more expressive and distinctive, the Creative Concept is a word or phrase that represents the desired emotional response from the target public when interacting with the Brand.

Unlike a Slogan, a Creative Concept is not necessarily developed for public use, although it can be used publicly. Its primary purpose is to be used internally as a mantra to guide the creative process when sketching a Logo, copywriting a slogan, designing an ad, or when developing any other type of Brand Communication. This ensures that all elements of the Brand will convey a consistent message.

3.3. Moodboard


The Moodboard contains a collection of images the can be associated with the industry and the lifestyle of the target audience. It helps identify different colours and shapes with the aim of narrowing down a certain direction for the look-and-feel of the brand.

3.4. Naming


"Polyfen" is an abstraction of the term “Polyphenic trait”. A polyphenic trait is a genetic property that allows multiple observable variations on organisms of a single species.

The different morphology and color patterns on the shells of mollusks, for instance, are a polyphenic trait.

In the case of our brand, our name expresses the diversity of thought in the creative process.

Name Architecture

Legal Name:
The Polyfen Group LLC
Preferred name for use on all official business documentation.

Brand Name:
Preferred name alternative.

Fallback Name:
The Polyfen Group
Fallback alternative for brand touchpoints where the primary brand name is not available.

Diminutive Name:
TPG / Poly
This is how the team sometimes refers to the brand name internally.

3.5. Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

3.6. Voice

The content expressed by our Brand must be informative and engaging, proactive in the design, marketing, business, and tech communities providing free and fully-accessible educational value.

Our Brand takes no part in conversations regarding politics, religion, or military conflicts.

The Newsletter is the holy grail of our content strategy. It allows us to focus on short-form content delivered directly to our subscribers in their inbox, and then repurpose it for Social Media.

3.7. Tone

The Four Dimensions of Tone — NN Group

The Tone of our content should be casual and friendly, but not funny. It should also be enthusiastic and relatable. Concice and to-the-point. Easy to read and understand.

3.8. Motto

Imagine. Build. Shine.

Our Motto distills the spirit of our Purpose and Core Values into a few concrete words.

3.9. Key Messages


Under 30 characters

Creative & Software Boutique


Under 120 characters

Creative & software boutique empowering US businesses with design, marketing, and engineering services since 2018.

Extended Bio

Under 3 paragraphs

We're a creative and development agency founded in 2018 with a fully-remote team working for clients from the US.

We help US businesses translate their vision into digital experiences that bring in the money.

We're also heavily committed to R&D projects that help us grow and keep us at the cutting-edge in an always-changing environment.

4. Visual identity

4.1. Logo system


The Symbol expresses Polyfen's brand in its most essential, visual form. It represents the coming together of the (A) logical and (B) creative.


The Logotype is made up of two parts: (1) the Symbol and (2) the Brand Name.

It must be the first choice when choosing a logo variation, provided that the canvas is rectangular and the logo can be placed at an adequate size.


4.2. Typography

Primary Selection

Biotif is the preferred typographic family for all headings, captions, and buttons.

We use Freight Text Pro for body text elements, like paragraphs, quotes, and lists.

The font files of our Primary Selection (Biotif & Freight Text Pro) are bound to usage licenses and distribution models which may not be available in all cases. If you don't have access to the fonts of our Primary Selection, then you can fallback to the Google Fonts from the Secondary Selection.

Secondary Selection

If Biotif is not available, then use Figtree for headings, captions, and buttons.

If Freight Text Pro is not available, then use Lora for body text.

Tertiary Selection

The last bastion of our typographic identity falls back to font files present universally in all operating systems. The most common use for the Tertiary Selection is in email clients, since they only support system fonts.

If the font files from the Primary or Secondary selections are not available you should fallback to Verdana.

4.3. Color scheme

Accent color


hsl(259, 100%, 59%)

Indigo is the primary accent hue and must be used sparingly. It's reserved exclusively for the logo, buttons, links, and other important information.



hsl(170, 100%, 38%)

hsl(23, 27%, 65%)

hsl(40, 100%, 50%)

hsl(208, 100%, 53%)

hsl(115, 100%, 36%)

hsl(0, 90%, 63%)

4.3. Visual Language


All icons in Polyfen's touchpoints & communications should correspond to the Iconography set we've selected for our Brand, Phospor.

Phospor's line-icons are meant only for use at large sizes accross Polyfen's Brand, while for smaller sizes the fill-icons are preferred to ensure accessible legibility.


Our Brand's illustrations uses the Retro Dudes set by Vectorly Space.


The Pearls are part of our visual dictoniary which we use to give plain backgrounds a bit more depth.

5. Brand Applications

5.1. Social Profiles

Profile Picture


5.2. Email Signature


Boris Hrnčić
Founder & CEO
Now working from: Zagreb, Croatia
Connect on LinkedIn | Schedule a Call
Boris Hrnčić
Founder & CEO
Now working from: Zagreb, Croatia
Connect on LinkedIn | Schedule a Call


Jamal Jackson
Chief Marketing Officer
Now working from: Austin, TX
(415) 610-8439
Jamal Jackson
Chief Marketing Officer
Now working from: Austin, TX
(415) 610-8439

5.3. Slides Template

6. Web Guidelines

6.1. Info Architecture

6.2. UX Writing

6.3. Design System

6.4. UI Design

We're starting a new Figma design file with a UI Library of components and we'll be soon adding it here.

6.5. Changelog

We keep a centralized Changelog for development updates of all our public products and sites.

All updates are pushed to our public Slack channel changelog.

7. Content Generation

The subject matter of all content generation must be relevant, congruent with our Voice and Tone, and in touch with reality. We don't want to be r/LinkedInLunatics. We aim to publish content frequently, yes; But, never at the expense of quality.

7.1. Newsletter

The Newsletter is the holy grail of our content strategy. It allows us to focus on short-form content delivered directly to our subscribers in their inbox.

Most Blogs out there demand a lot of resources to end up with a very long, elaborate, polished post, that none or very few people read in full. Our Newsletter prioritizes an efficient content creation workflow that results in easily degistible content published frequently and consistently.

The content produced for the Newsletter is repurposed in two ways. (A) as Social Media posts in LinkedIn, and (B) kept in an online archive as a page in Polyfen's website.

The purpose of the Newsletter is not to push sales of our services blatantly. The goal is to provide our followers with valuable information about the industry.


  • Start with an emoji to illustrate the topic.
  • Keep the length under 70 characters.
  • Set the text in Title-Casing.
  • Be descriptive. Avoid click-baity subjects.


  • 💰 How Branding Makes you Money
  • 🤖 You Should Have an AI Ethics Policy
  • 🧪 How our Small Team Invests in R&D
  • 📕 How to Write Useful Brand Guidelines

Preview Text

  • Engage the user with a sub-title to the subject line.
  • Max 150 characters.


Ever wondered why Coca-Cola is worth 260 billion? How about Apple being worth 2.65 trillion?


Start the email message with a cover image.

  • Dimensions: 1200px × 630px
  • Format: JPG


Body Text

  • Ideally 3-5 paragraphs long.
  • Finish the message with a link to our LinkedIn page.


Ever wonder why Coca-Cola is worth 260 billion? How about Apple being worth 2.65 trillion? The price of those companies shares is a direct reflection of their ability to do good Branding.

If you were to buy 100% of shares of The Coca-Cola Company, you would be paying for all tangible assets they own (manufacturing plants, vehicles, inventory); but you would also be paying for ownership of their intangible assets, like the intellectual property of the Brand, its place in the mind of consumers, and the potential for future sales.

Investing in your Brand (name, logo, website, social media profiles) makes your business money in three ways:

1. Higher Market-Share
A consumer faced with multiple buying options in a similar price range will always choose the most professional, trust-worthy-looking seller. Packaging what you offer with an eye-catching logo, a memorable brand name, and an elegant design will lead more buyers away from your competitors and towards your pocket.

2. Higher Pricing
You’ve stolen customers away from the competition. Now, they’re starting to become repeat customers, and they’re even telling their friends about your business. People are willing to pay a little extra for the guaranteed quality of your products and services. It’s time to reflect that quality in your prices with a controlled increase of the profit margin.

3. Higher Company Valuation
Investors are willing to pay a lot more money for stock in your business when you own a Brand with a distinctive name, a memorable logo, a well-crafted website, and a strong presence in social media. When calculating the value of a share from a company, the intellectual property of a Brand is a key component that could alone be worth millions of dollars.


Join the conversation about [EMAIL TOPIC] in our LinkedIn Page and share your thoughts.

Boris Hrnčić
Founder & CEO
Connect on LinkedIn


The design of the Newsletter template is purposefully as simple and clean as possible. It relies on color and typography to tie it in with our Brand Identity. All other aspects of the design should resemble a plain text email sent to you by a colleague. We must stay away from overly complex layouts and heavy use of visuals. Our Newsletter's strength lies in producing real, valuable content, sent to you by someone you know.

7.2. Social Media

100% of our Social Media efforts are focused on LinkedIn. We repurpose the content generated for the Newsletter into LinkedIn posts with the addition of a link to the Newsletter subscription page and a PDF carousel.

Followed the signature with a series of Hashtags. Some popular Hashtags to consider are:

  • #Innovation
  • #Management
  • #HumanResources
  • #DigitalMarketing
  • #Technology
  • #Creativity
  • #Entrepreneurship
  • #Careers
  • #Startups
  • #Marketing
  • #VentureCapital

The post should include a PDF document summarizing the key points of the post.

The last page should echo the post's CTA leading users to our Newsletter subscription page.